Function Spaces XII
July 9-14, 2018 Kraków, Poland
Function Spaces XII, July 9-14, 2018, Kraków, Poland

List of Talks

  1. María Dolores ACOSTA, Pairs of spaces having the Bishop-Phelps-Bollob´as property for operators when the domain is $l_\infty^n$,
  2. Alexandre ALMEIDA, Variable exponent Besov-Morrey spaces,
  3. Sergei ASTASHKIN, Extrapolation description of limiting interpolation spaces,
  4. Richard BECKER, Convex cones and ordered Banach spaces,
  5. Piotr BIES, Schauder theory for parabolic equations in variable Holder spaces,
  6. Santiago BOZA, Averaging operators on decreasing or positive functions: equivalence and optimal bounds,
  7. Eduardo BRANDANI DA SILVA, s-Numbers ideals of bilinear operators,
  8. António CAETANO, Some function spaces questions arising in problems of diffraction by planar screens,
  9. Tadeusz CHAWZIUK, Continuity and compactness of the composition operator between distinct Orlicz spaces,
  10. Chung-Chuan CHEN, Disjoint hypercyclic operators on groups,
  11. Lili CHEN, Iterative algorithms and convergence theorems of Generalized Hybrid Mappings,
  12. Maciej CIESIELSKI, Relationships between the best dominated approximation in the sense of the Hardy-Littlewood-Pólya relation and strict K-monotonicity and K-order continuity in symmetric spaces,
  13. Fernando COBOS, Duality for logarithmic interpolation spaces and applications to Besov spaces,
  14. Yunan CUI, Gateaux Differentiability of w*-lower semicontinuous convex function in Banach spaces and application,
  15. Andreas DEFANT, Bohr’s phenomenon for functions on the Boolean cube,
  16. Volodymyr DILNYI, Cyclicity on weighted Hardy spaces and applications,
  17. Alicja DOTA, s-numbers of general diagonal operators.,
  18. Ezgi ERDOGAN, Product factorability of bilinear maps on Banach function spaces,
  19. Paweł FORALEWSKI, Some remarks on geometry of Orlicz-Lorentz spaces,
  20. Jan FOURIE, Some properties in Banach lattices defined by classes of linear operators,
  21. Joanna GARBULIŃSKA-WĘGRZYN, The universal separable Banach space with an unconditional Schauder basis,
  22. Omer GOK, On regular operators on Banach lattices,
  23. Loukas GRAFAKOS, An alternative to Plancherel’s criterion for bilinear operators,
  24. Dorothee HAROSKE, Morrey sequence spaces,
  25. Hossein HOSSEINI GIV, On Mazur's property of Banach spaces,
  26. Jiri JAHN, Singularity analysis of harmonic Bergman kernels,
  27. Radosław KACZMAREK, Uniform rotundity and uniform rotundity in every direction of Orlicz function spaces equipped with the p-Amemiya norm,
  28. Jerzy KAKOL, Separable quotient problem for Banach spaces and spaces C(X) of continuous functions,
  29. Agnieszka KALAMAJSKA, Compactness and embedding theorems for Newtonian Sobolev spaces defined on metric spaces,
  30. Anna KAMINSKA, Abstract Lorentz spaces and Köthe duality,
  31. Tomasz KANIA, On the problem of openness of convolutions on discrete groups,
  32. Oleksiy KARLOVYCH, The Brown-Halmos theorem for a pair of abstract Hardy spaces,
  33. Henning KEMPKA, Function spaces with variable exponents,
  34. Cansu KESKIN, Maximal function characterizations for Hardy spaces associated to the Laplace-Bessel operator,
  35. Antoni KIJOWSKI, Mean value property in metric measure space,
  36. Eder KIKIANTY, Discrete Morrey spaces and their inclusion properties,
  37. Andi KIVINUKK, On approximation processes in Banach spaces defined by a cosine operator,
  38. Tomasz KIWERSKI, Isomorphic copies of $\ell^\infty$ in abstract Cesàro spaces,
  39. Paweł KOLWICZ, Symmetrization, factorization and arithmetic of quasi-Banach function spaces,
  40. Joanna KOŃCZAK, Local uniform non-squareness of the Orlicz-Lorentz function spaces,
  41. Tomasz KOSTRZEWA, Weak derivatives and Sobolev spaces on LCA groups,
  42. Michał KOZDĘBA, Minimal projection onto certain subspace of $L_p(X\times Y \times Z)$,
  43. Karsten KRUSE, The approximation property for spaces of weighted differentiable functions,
  44. Damian KUBIAK, On some generalization of Cesaro and Copson spaces,
  45. Mateusz KUBIAK, Uniform convergence of trigonometric series,
  46. Włodzimierz LASKOWSKI, Effective energy integral functionals for thin films on curl-free vector fields in the Orlicz-Sobolev space setting,
  47. Richard LECHNER, Dimension dependence of factorization problems: one- and two-parameter Hardy spaces,
  48. Pierre Gilles LEMARIÉ-RIEUSSET, Optimal spaces for Navier-Stokes equations and other PDEs,
  49. Karol LESNIK, Basic properties of Toeplitz and Hankel operators in non-algebraic setting,
  50. Włodzimierz ŁENSKI, Pointwise $(H,\Phi)$ strong approximation by Fourier series,
  51. Lech MALIGRANDA, History of the theory of interpolation of operators: 1910-1966,
  52. Katsuo MATSUOKA, Generalized fractional integrals and central Campanato spaces,
  53. José MENDOZA, Some results on the fixed point property,
  54. Artur MICHALAK, On monotonic functions from [0,1] into Banach spaces,
  55. Paweł MLECZKO, Selected properties of complex symmetric operators,
  56. Rza MUSTAFAYEV, Generalized maximal functions in Lorentz spaces,
  57. Eylem ÖZTÜRK, Well-posedness and global attractors for viscous fractional Cahn-Hilliard equations with memory,
  58. Paweł PASTECZKA, On Hardy type inequalities for weighted means,
  59. Anna PELCZAR-BARWACZ, Banach spaces with an unconditional basis and small family of bounded operators,
  60. Stanisław PRUS, Fixed point property and direct sums of Banach spaces,
  61. Enrique A. SÁNCHEZ PÉREZ, Integration with respect to vector capacities in Information Sciences,
  62. Yoshihiro SAWANO, Interpolation of Morrey spaces for general parameters,
  63. Zhongrui SHI, Existence of solutions for Kirchhoff type problems in Musielak–Orlicz–Sobolev spaces,
  64. Gord SINNAMON, The Fourier transform in weighted Lebesgue and Lorentz spaces,
  65. Leslaw SKRZYPEK, On the maximal (and almost maximal) relative projection constants and related topics,
  66. Juliusz STOCHMAL, Dominated operators, absolutely summing operators and the strict topology,
  67. Dmitriy STOLYAROV, Restrictions of higher derivatives of the Fourier transform to the sphere,
  68. Jarno TALPONEN, ODE-determined variable Lp spaces,
  69. Jakub TOMASZEWSKI, Pointwise multipliers of Orlicz spaces and factorization,
  70. Hans TRIEBEL, Function spaces with dominating mixed smoothness,
  71. Marek WISŁA, A general theory of introducing norms in Orlicz spaces,
  72. Michał WOJCIECHOWSKI, On the Auerbach-Mazur-Ulam problem,
  73. Przemysław WOJTASZCZYK, Reduced basis method, data assimilation and generalized sampling,
  74. Paweł WÓJCIK, Strongly unique minimal projections onto hyperplanes,
  75. Marek WÓJTOWICZ, Dugundji-type extensions of some classes of Baire-alpha functions,
  76. Elroy ZEEKOEI, On Dunford-Pettis-type functions,

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